Panthera Tigris

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Mother of Pearl Tiger's nail on 14k GF 16" snake chain with 2" extender. 

In Chinese culture, the tiger is the symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength....The Lunar Year 2022 Also known as the Chinese New Year -- and as the Spring Festival in China -- the date marks the end of the Year of the Ox and the start of the Year of the Tiger.

Traditionally it's a time to honor ancestors and deities, with family reunions and street parades, and fireworks to drive off evil spirits.

The Lunar New Year is seen as a time of reunion and rebirth, marking the end of winter and the start of spring.

In Asian cultures, the tiger -- not the lion -- is the king of the jungle: People born during a Tiger Year are thought to be natural leaders who are both brave and thrill-seeking, often craving attention.

"They are courageous and energetic, love a challenge or competition and are prepared to take risks," according to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. "They can also be rebellious, short-tempered and outspoken, preferring to give orders rather than take them, which often leads to conflict.



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