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Hand hammered, soldered 14k gold-filled Moroccan geometry hoops.

Chrome Diopside gemstone has a mesmerizing deep green color and boasts a mesmerizing deep green. This precious stone gets its color from the mineral chromium and ranges in color from light, bright green to almost black, with color growing darker as the gem size increases.

This beautiful and high vibration stone enhances the power of love, trust, humility, and commitment. The green color of the stone is believed to re-energize, heal, cleanse and balance the entire chakra system of the wearer. It is ideal for treating headaches, the circulatory system, regulating blood pressure, and helping the wearer in post-illness recovery.

Its grounding energies help the wearer to take out those emotions which stop him to lead a happy life.

The green energy of this lovely gem has a propensity to connect the wearer with the energy of the nature along with the mother earth. Its greenish rays tend to activate the heart chakra which in the spell holds up the emotions. It is moreover acknowledged to tender power to the woman who is wearing this beautiful jewel piece. The deep green hues are believed to create a gigantic association with the earth through the power of the heart chakra. It is known to transfer its pulsating vibrations throughout the torso. These soothing energies moreover are known to uplift and turn on the heart chakra (the fourth primary chakra), the sacral chakra (second Chakra) as well as the third eye chakra ("the sixth chakra) of the wearing person. By healing all these body chakras of the holder, it is known to align all of these. Chrome as a splendid stone is measured to be an excellent healing gem to heal the emotional state and body of the wearer. It is likewise believed to augment the ability to love self as well as others. Physically, it is best to cure heart troubles, weak lungs, muscular throbbing and spasms. Apart from this, it is also known to mend the hormonal problems effectively. Its black tints connect to the earth energies which provide the wearer its grounding qualities.


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