"Nai'a Elle Jewelry"

Posted by Naia Willard on

My love for the ocean is expressed through the creation and design of my ocean inspired jewelry collection. My relationship with the ocean and Mother Nature has called me to share its magic and the sacred being of Mother Nature. "Nai'a" in Hawaiian means dolphin. Growing up in Hawaii, I've always felt a special connection to the land and ocean as a part of me and makes me who I am. I find nature and the ocean as my sacred places. Spending time with it is a blessing whether it's shell searching, surfing, hiking or burying my feet in the ground. I am able to appreciate it's presence and connect with the Creator. I hope my passion and creations will act as a catalyst for the preservation of beauty in Mother Nature and the ocean. It is my desire to plant a seed and consider how important maintaining our consumption and reducing pollution is in order to conserve Mother Nature and the ocean's sacred wellness.

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