Kiki and Nai’a

Posted by Kiana Clifford on

Kiki and Nai’a began when I, Kiki, started making jewelry 5 years ago as “Kiana’s Creations” and Nai’a was assisting me with photography, modeling and event pop ups. Kiki and Nai’a is more than just a name brand but a living and growing bond between mother and daughter. Kiki and Nai’a show cases a variety of styles from classy chic to indie boho. We put our hearts into our pieces in hope to express our love of authenticity, individuality, feminine strength and our passion for Mother Natures elements. We are so grateful to be apart of this journey together and to share our intention to spread positive consciousness and nature’s healing power. Thank you for witnessing our story. Love always, Kiki and Nai’a.

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